Keith O'Rourke

Keith O'Rourke is a born and raised Albertan. After travelling the world and seven seas honing his craft, he returned home to Calgary in 2008.

Keith is a member of many local groups, most notably The Primetime Big Band and the Calgary Creative Arts Ensemble.  Blessed with the opportunity to regularly perform for many of Calgary's jazz fans, he has been able to make a name for himself and become a recognizable figure in the jazz community.

Currently Keith is focusing on three projects, the Keith O'Rourke Quintet, Baritone Madness and the Past Present Quintet.  The main focus of Keith's quartet is to feature his own original compositions.  Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of jazz musicians, his writing is both fresh while still being rooted in the jazz tradition.

Baritone Madness is co-led with Pat Belliveau and Gareth Bane with the sole aim of featuring the baritone saxophone.  Recently Baritone Madness recorded their first CD with the generous support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and FACTOR.  The album features compositions from all three leaders as well as a few select standards played as you have never heard them before.

The Past Present Quintet is co-led with trumpeter André Wickenheiser, with the goal to present the music of their varied influences.  Keith has presented a night of Tom Harrell's music, and the upcoming Quintet concert features the music of the late Canadian icon Kenny Wheeler, a shared influence of the two leaders.

Other projects Keith has been proud to be involved in are; Kodi Hutchinson's Quartet Northwest, Octogone, Los Marineros de la Rumba and many musicals at Stage West as the first call saxophonist and woodwind doubler. 

When not performing, Keith spends a great deal of his time teaching private lessons and small group workshops. He enjoys passing on his knowledge and fostering a love of music to the next generation of players.