Keith O'Rourke is a highly sought after saxophone and clarinet clinician for many Calgary schools.  He also offers lesson in his home in the south end of Calgary.  Why choose a music studio with a less experienced musician and educator when for a comparable price you can study with one of the leading musicians in Calgary?

A few benefits to studying directly with me over a studio location are....
1. Flexible scheduling - because I manage my own schedule I can offer lessons at nearly any time of the day, compared to a music studio where the woodwind teacher is usually only available one day a week with one set time for each student.  In the event of a scheduling conflict, I can usually find an alternate time for most students.  Most studios can't offer that and you will usually also get charged for the missed lesson.
2. No registration fees - You only pay for the lessons.  Books and additional materials are extra, I can pick them out for you and charge you the same price as the major music store or you can pick them up yourself.  I usually recommend students work out of one or two books depending on the level of their playing. 
3. Experience - I have been working both as a musician and educator for nearly twenty years.  There are a few studios with highly experienced saxophonists on staff, that is the exception.  Most of the best teachers teach privately in their own homes for one reason, the teacher earns the entire amount charged for the lesson.  Most studios pay their staff half of what they charge, generally this means that the teacher will be young and inexperienced, at best a university student.  At worst a brass teacher who is a few lessons ahead of the student. 

Please contact me for a lesson price quote.  Email me at or click the contact tab and fill out the form.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.